Spanish Business Consulting / International M&A

Are you an international company and your goal is to introduce your products in The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal or Latin America but you do not have a general vision of the target market?


Your company has a reliable and quality product and you believe that it has the greatest potential for the Dutch, Spanish and Latin American market and yet you do not know how to tackle those markets.

Furthermore, your language skills are not good enough so it is your knowledge of their business culture? Many European companies and institutions would like to access the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking markets. However, there are many obstacles along the way that make this endeavour difficult, and if they are overlooked it would represent a waste of time and money or the subsequent abandonment of the business project.


Iberfinance bridge the gap between European and Latin American companies.

We will develop a suitable globalisation strategy according to your service or product.


It is vital to identify which product is in demand, what markets are demanding this product and evaluate its potential and possible value.


We provide the following services:

  • Evaluation and advice on decision making target market
  • Country risk evaluation Analysis and market research
  • Industry reports
  • International contacts and potential clients and negotiation
  • Market entry strategies (sales channels networks, logistics, product)
  • Marketing and communication strategy (product, brand, media)
  • Visits to international fairs and exhibitor assistance
  • Search of partners and sales representatives
  • Establishment of subsidiaries abroad and Partnerships
  • Geographical location analysis
  • Legal advice Financing